Messages from Angels

By Ruth Matthews, on Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sometimes it is only after the dust has settled that you realise just how marvellous something was and the more we have reflected on the Carol Services the more that has been evident!


The morning was billed as a “family event”, so the brilliant puppets (and their handlers) re-appeared, along with a very manly Angel Gabriel. Many thanks to all involved particularly Jo Hearn, who helped shape the service, Rob Hamilton who wrote some of the script and was the angel we will never forget and Gerry Bentley whose many talents at making things were exploited! The puppeteers were amazing -thanks everyone.

The evening was geared to a slightly older age group, and for the second time that day the church was packed. The theme of “messages” underlined the service, which included some pre-recorded testimonies from Andy, Leo and Pratima, along with some great drama written by Amanda and acted by Amelia and Dave Taylor (autographs anyone?).

Thanks to the ushers, musicians (great job everyone), all the cake makers and caterers (Jenny – you are amazing), Martin for his rap and Dan for his tech  stuff and all things brilliant.

Thanks to you all for praying and bringing  your friends.

Finally, what about that angel? Amazing wasn’t it? Joy, Ron, Danni and Emily Hearn were the inspired artists who made that happen – fantastic.

We have a heart stopping story to tell and we have an amazing church family who God is using as His messengers to tell it – bring it on!!

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Loving People. Changing Lives.

By dan.copperwheat, on Monday, January 20, 2014

We are excited to announce booking is now open for the Woodside Conference: Loving People. Changing Lives.

Friday 14th – Saturday 15th March 2014.

Book in here!

Don’t leave it too late folks…it is gonna be great!

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