Let There Be Joy!

By Anna Bunclark, on Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Last week, all the Impact Training bases met together for a week of amazing worship, with some great teaching and of course some competitive swimming down the rapids. Here’s what our very own Impact Student, Anna had to say…

Last week I went to CentreParcs for a week of Impact training that I’d heard would be one of the highlights of the year. I was expecting something significant to happen to me; a massive visible encounter with God, or maybe a hugely directional prophecy, or at least that I would cry! I thought that if none of that happened I would go away disappointed. I can tell you now that I didn’t cry, or shake, and God didn’t tell me my life plan. But I was far from disappointed…

I believe God wanted to teach me that He isn’t just a God that we get out for conferences and meetings, but He is part of our everyday lives.

On Thursday in our last evening session we heard Andrew Wilson do an excellent talk on joy. I was expecting a ministry time at the end of the talk where everyone would be laughing in the Holy Spirit and I was a little surprised, but honestly relieved, that this didn’t happen. However, that did not mean that God wasn’t going to give us His joy. I’ve always wanted more joy but felt like I had to laugh in a meeting in order to feel it. How wrong was I! That evening God showed me that joy is for every day and He just loves it when we can be free and happy! Up until now the only person I’ve ever been truly myself with is my sister; we go crazy together, we finish each other’s SANDWICHES, and oh how we laugh. But I’ve never felt free to do that with anybody else.

I was hugely blessed to be staying in a villa with some amazing girls. We all got along well at the beginning of the week but by the end of it they all felt like my sisters; our friendship deepened so much, we opened up and prayed for each other spontaneously, even while cooking the dinner!

On Thursday evening/Friday morning (it was a late night…) we had the best time together! Something was released in me and I finally felt free to just have fun and enjoy life! It’s quite ironic because two of the days of training were focussed on ‘Setting People Free’, particularly from traumatic experiences in their past. God was doing incredible things and I really learnt to celebrate with them! But I didn’t feel it was very relevant for me because supposedly ‘I didn’t need freeing from anything like that’. Turns out I did need freeing, and God in His grace did just that, just not in the way I was expecting!

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