James: Leader, Martyr, Jesus’ Brother

By David Devenish, on Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Imagine growing up with a brother who never got anything wrong. In any argument he always had the answer, and by age 12 he was smarter than most of the adults around him. He helped with the family business, carpentry, until one day he becomes a preacher and a healer who starts drawing crowds, and these crowds start claiming a lot of things about him. You’d be a bit freaked out right? Well, that’s exactly how James would have felt about his older brother, Jesus. Continue reading…

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Impacting Elbasan

By Beth Martin, on Thursday, July 16, 2015


As part of our Impact gap year we were given the opportunity to go to Elbasan, Albania, to help the church and bless the city. Even though I’ve been convinced of the importance of mission for a long time, this trip was the point where I got excited about mission for myself. I’m lost for words when people ask me how it was; the experience, the team, the country, the ‘God moments’ are all too many to recall in just one polite conversation, and one blog post. But I’ll give it a try! Continue reading…

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