This I Believe

By Colin Matthews, on Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Reboots and remakes are in fashion at the moment, with everything from Mad Max to Dad’s Army being remade in the world of film; so it’s not surprising that worship music is following suit. As you might have guessed, ‘This I Believe’ is based on a much older piece of writing, the Apostles Creed. Continue reading…

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Making Disciples

By David Devenish, on Monday, October 26, 2015



“Some people claim that we can be Christians without necessarily becoming disciples. I wonder, then, why the last thing Jesus told us was to go into the world, making disciples of all nations, teaching them to obey all that He commanded? You’ll notice that he didn’t add, “but hey, if that’s too much to ask, tell them just to become Christians – you know, the people who get to heaven without having to commit to anything.” Francis Chan.

In Matthew, Jesus tells us the purpose of our Christian lives is to ‘Go and make disciples of all nations’, yet here in the UK that seems so complicated for us. “Discipleship” has become a particular religious term associated with regular programmes and meetings but it doesn’t seem to be what Jesus had in mind. Continue reading…

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