Buena Vista

Community: 18-30
When: Sunday and Mid Week
Where: Woodside Christian Centre, Dover Crescent, Bedford, MK41 8QH
Contact details: Saturday, March 17, 2018

Good food, good music, good friends and good times.

Buena Vista is a social gathering for 18-30s in Bedford.

Basically Buena Vista’s aim is to really live life together. Buena Vista regulary run great events but that is not the real goal. The real goal is to be a group of friends who support one another in the ‘stuff’ of life. Whether it is your first job, dealing with money, relationships or starting a family, Buena Vista (BV for short) want to walk the journey together, whilst having a ridiculous laugh too.

BV meet at various times and places. Whilst there is a program, things are far more fluid as students, young couples and young families often need to be flexible.

Most of the events are held on Sunday nights but there are tailored and organised ‘Community Groups’ that are BV groups too and these meet regularly throughout the week.

If you are in the 18-30s bracket and want to find out how to get stuck in, or what is going on, then get in touch!