• Centre41


Community: Families
When: Thursday 10:00am (Term time only) until 3pm
Where: Woodside Church, Dover Crescent, Bedford, MK41 8QH
Contact details: Saturday, March 17, 2018

Life can be very tough! We help families get through life’s challenges. Whether its money troubles, parenting battles or relationship issues, you name it, we’ve helped someone facing it. If you feel embarrassed about an issue or just don’t know where to turn, we are here, and nothing shocks us, trust me! If you want to come and chat, we will make sure you get the time to talk and we will pull out all the stops to help you.

At 10am you can come in to join us for toast, coffee or tea. Whether you want to play some darts, cards, do some craft or just sit and chat, you will feel welcome and you will meet some great people too.

We usually then run a life skills course between 10.30-12.00. We have all sorts of course going on this year, from computer courses all the way to parenting programmes, come along and pick up one of our pamphlets to find out more.

However, the courses aren’t for everyone, we know that, so you may just rather just carry on throwing some darts (or whatever it was you chose to get involved in!), and you would be welcome too.

Between 1pm and 3pm we run a Foodbank centre for people who are in financial need and struggling to put food on their tables. If we can help you here, just let us know.

Following that, the formal group stops for the week, but our support doesn’t! We support loads of people during the week in many ways. If you want to come along and try us out, we would love to meet you. If you find this a tad intimidating, then just give the church a ring and we will work out some way of meeting you on your own.

We run Centre41 on a Thursday 10am-3pm.

Centre41 is made up of local families, some of whom may desire requiring additional support in some way so the programme for Thursday’s drop in reflect this, providing skills training, structured activities, indoor games, crafts and puzzles. For example, the Cornerstone team create activities for the under school age children and encourage the parents to get involved, to help give them confidence to play with their toddlers. Chatting is full on! At 11.00am the parents stop for hot drinks and toast and the kids enjoy fruit, toast and a cold drink but the conversations continue. Friendship support is part of the success of this growing work. Cornerstone is led by Gaynor and Richard Clements, ably supported by a core team and about 20 other volunteers. About 40 people attend Cornerstone, mostly from the local community, along with approximately 25 children. Many are referred to Cornerstone by other agencies in the town and although the most visible aspect of the work is Thursday mornings, additional support is given at other times, particularly when a family is in crisis.

For further information, please contact the church office. If you are interested in volunteering, please also get in touch the same way.