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Introducing… Stephen Headley

By Stephen Headley, on Wednesday, September 23, 2015



Stephen has recently joined the Woodside Staff Team as part of an Impact Training Year. For more information about Impact, check out their website. For more information about Stephen, read on…

Q: Stephen! Great to see you, tell us a bit about yourself and life before Impact.

After finishing my A-Levels and deferring my place at Uni, I decided to take on Impact at Woodside. I’m 19 and had previously been studying Physics and Maths and Mark Rutherford School.


Q: What does the Stephen Headley perfect day look like?

My perfect day includes relaxing on the sofa watching a marathon of either Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. prequels not included. There would also be pizza involved.


Q: What will you be doing in church as part of your Impact Year?

This year I will be working with Lighthouse, Powerhouse, Yoof and with the Kids Work on Sundays. I’m hoping to help build strong teams and spread the message of God to the children and youth.

I’m also planning to travel to Albania with Impact to help with the church there. It’ll be a challenge but that what this years about!


Q: Imagine you’re looking back on this year next September, what would you want to say about it?

I would love to say that I got to know God so much better and I hope I’ll say I’ve been completely overwhelmed by the change in me through God.