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Making an Impact

By Ruth Matthews and Stephen Headley, on Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Impact Training is starting again with a whole new bunch of amazingstudents! Here’s what Ruth who leads the training and Stephen who’s doing the training had to say…


It hardly seems possible that September has arrived and along with a new school year, the days getting shorter and football starting, FP Impact Training has also begun. This year we have 20 students (although one is Turkish and was waiting for a visa, which has now come, but missed our week) and we are very spread out from Newcastle, Cockermouth, Leeds, Reading, Harpenden and sunny Bedford! We have had an outstanding training block – the students really felt at home and had lots of fun with rounders, food together, games and a movie. We have also worshipped and prayed together, heard some testimonies, looked at the Holy Spirit, OT over-view, children’s work, prayer and personal development. We have laughed loads and cried and hugged one another and met with God and made friends. It has been a full 8 days but rich and we have all loved it.

Thanks to Tim Green (who did some teaching), Jon Le Marquand (who did lots of other useful things) and a whole host of folks who came to pray for our Impacters – we couldn’t do it without them. The next time they are back is early November – so watch out! Ruth M and Martin.


The first Impact training block was a dedicated week of preparation for the year ahead. It was a great opportunity of coming to God as well as getting to know 18 fellow “Impacters”. If that wasn’t enough, we had our heads filled with the many and varied talks and sessions throughout the week.

God was very involved, and was often challenging what was in my heart. The talks on prayer, and the Holy Spirit really spoke to me and the teaching on the Old Testament really helped to deepen my foundations in the Bible. The highlight, aside from the really good sessions, was definitely the fiercely competitive rounds match at the weekend. By the end of the week I was greatly encouraged by the faith and passion of the other Impacters and by what God had said to me. What a great start to Impact, and I can’t wait for the next training block in November.