A thank you from World Vision!

By Ruth Matthews, on Tuesday, February 11, 2014

worldvision-news-fullpage“Dear Woodside Church,

Thank you so much for the generous donation £1,801.07 from you Christmas Carol Services. It has gone to our Philippines Typhoon relief and re-settlement project.

Justin, our CEO, is in the Phillipines just at the moment and if you visit our website you will be able to follow his blogs.

Once again thank you,

Regards,  Charlotte Tipping, World Vision”

If you would like to follow Justin’s and the World Vision blog please click here. 

Messages from Angels

By Ruth Matthews, on Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sometimes it is only after the dust has settled that you realise just how marvellous something was and the more we have reflected on the Carol Services the more that has been evident!


The morning was billed as a “family event”, so the brilliant puppets (and their handlers) re-appeared, along with a very manly Angel Gabriel. Many thanks to all involved particularly Jo Hearn, who helped shape the service, Rob Hamilton who wrote some of the script and was the angel we will never forget and Gerry Bentley whose many talents at making things were exploited! The puppeteers were amazing -thanks everyone.

The evening was geared to a slightly older age group, and for the second time that day the church was packed. The theme of “messages” underlined the service, which included some pre-recorded testimonies from Andy, Leo and Pratima, along with some great drama written by Amanda and acted by Amelia and Dave Taylor (autographs anyone?).

Thanks to the ushers, musicians (great job everyone), all the cake makers and caterers (Jenny – you are amazing), Martin for his rap and Dan for his tech  stuff and all things brilliant.

Thanks to you all for praying and bringing  your friends.

Finally, what about that angel? Amazing wasn’t it? Joy, Ron, Danni and Emily Hearn were the inspired artists who made that happen – fantastic.

We have a heart stopping story to tell and we have an amazing church family who God is using as His messengers to tell it – bring it on!!

Loving People. Changing Lives.

By dan.copperwheat, on Monday, January 20, 2014

We are excited to announce booking is now open for the Woodside Conference: Loving People. Changing Lives.

Friday 14th – Saturday 15th March 2014.

Book in here!

Don’t leave it too late folks…it is gonna be great!

Christmas Hampers

By Stephanie Hedley, on Monday, December 16, 2013

This year Woodside Church gave away 38 food hampers as a Christmas gift to families in Woodside and Cornerstone (Cornerstone runs a Thursday morning drop-in and support for families in more difficult circumstances).  Of the 38 hampers, 32 were made up and donated by our mid-week community groups.  A humungous thank you to everyone who helped with this – our community groups, the child-minder who attends PlayPeople and donated 80 selection boxes for the children, the team who came in and helped put together the final 6 hampers, the finishers and wrappers and all who have helped in the distribution of the finished product!  These hampers have always been very much appreciated by the recipients and we couldn’t do it without you all!

FP Training Block

By Dan Copperwheat & Simon Mayes, on Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Simon Mayes writes about his recent week on training at FP…

“Well, some words to describe my second FP training week? ‘Just what I needed!’

FP_NovSpending time with the FP students is an event in itself. We have an encouraging and passionate group, that really stir one another. If I am honest, I was not heading into the week pumped and excited, but certainly came away feeling like I didn’t want it to end… Continue reading…


By Luke Clements, on Monday, October 28, 2013

powerhouse-news-fullIt’s important to have a good laugh in a world SO serious..eh? With shed loads to do and games that make us look very stupid come along to Powerhouse!

We spend time in groups getting to know each other and yes…we do chat about God, and He isn’t as boring as some people make out.

All our leaders genuinely care about the young people who join our clubs! Powerhouse has been running for years, and there is a reason that it is still going…it is brilliant!

Powerhouse is for young people in school years 7-8. Join us on a Friday night if you want to hang out.

Break In

By Luke Clements, on Tuesday, October 22, 2013

break_in_fullWe love Bedford. We love our community. We love the young people there too.

Break in is a community youth club aimed at providing a safe place for young people who live in the Elms farm estate to hang out. We meet in the Goldington community centre (building next to Aldi) right in the middle of the estate.

On a selected tuesday night, from 8-9.30pm, we think the community centre is the place to be, not hanging on the street. We have much a better option than that! With loads of activities, a chill out area, a 5 minute talk and a team of amazing leaders it’s a great place to come along to. So if your 14-18…ditch the street. Hang out with us.

The boys are back in town…

By dan.copperwheat, on Friday, October 4, 2013

Meet the Woodside FPers.


These guys have given a year to serve us here at Woodside so we thought we would introduce these young men that I’m sure will bless us hugely, throughout the year they are here. Hang out with them, maybe invite them to tea?…They’ll love it

Hi. I’m Simon. I work part-time in a sweet shop. We have a great variety of pick&mix and whoever you are, you’ll find something that tickles your fancy. During my FP year I hope to grow in God and take steps forward in leading Worship.

I’m Tom Pearson. I’m the youngest in my family but definitely most handsome. During my FP year I hope to be appreciated for how handsome I am. I also want to get to know people in the Church and understand God on a deeper level.

My name is Andy. I love all sport. I like to get my sport on. To a high level. Better than your average. During my FP year I hope to develop my relationship with God and know my Bible better.

Onward and upward

By Ruth Matthews, on Thursday, September 19, 2013

What a special night last night…

Around 100 gathered to see the building progress to date. Brian and Martin Tibbert were on hand to give guided tours of the work so far! It was hard hats for all. Also a big pat on the back to Richard Eaton and his team of builders / contractors and the building team here at Woodside – thanks to Brian and his merry men!


Tim Green and Andy Martin led us as we prayed for over 20 people whom God is raising up to take on leadership roles within the life of Woodside. New community group leaders, assistant coaches, pastoral team and more…A big thank you to all who are stepping up and taking on new challenges – we are all so grateful.