A Year Out

By dan.copperwheat, on Sunday, May 5, 2013

Heard the news yet? FP (Frontier Project) will be transitioning to Woodside during the summer, ready to start in September with a new group of students!fp-news-fullpage

FP is a year out to serve, get equipped, and have an adventure with God. Continue reading…

Tents at the ready!

By dan.copperwheat, on Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Catalyst is almost here! The first meeting of the festival is on Saturday 25th May and will be taking place at Stoneleigh showground near Coventry. It is still possible to get day tickets – the best day to come might be the Sunday as there are 2 main meetings that day and there are no services here at Woodside on the 26th (normal service will resume on the following week!). Check out www.catalystnetwork.org/fetival for more info.catalyst_fullPlease pray for all those going and for those who are serving – Jo Hearn is over-seeing the children’s work, Luke Clements will be speaking at one of the youth meetings, Nigel Dicks is a trouble-shooting host on our site and Andy Martin is looking after the Global zone. And if you really want a prayer challenge you could ask God to turn the heat up – in all aspects of the event. That includes the weather!

We love our Mums

By dan.copperwheat, on Saturday, March 2, 2013

We recently celebrated Mother’s Day with video clips from some of the kids, great worship, some cake and an exploration of being mothers in God’s family. Thanks to Connie Hayward and her team for helping with that say. Father’s Day is fast approaching (June 16th to be precise – so you still have time to buy a card) and we will be celebrating that day too. More news to follow soon!

Mother’s Day

By dan.copperwheat, on Monday, February 25, 2013

mothers-day-fullpageMarch 10th is Mother’s Day (yes – you still have time to buy a card and some flowers!) and we will be celebrating at both our services – but with a bit of a twist. Curious? Come and join us at either 9am or 11am to find out what this is all about (and kids it will be OK to bring your mum – or your dad for that matter!).

Albania News

By dan.copperwheat, on Monday, February 25, 2013

After the very successful summer trip in 2011 to Albania by some members of Woodside, the links with the church in Elbasan have continued.albania-news-fullpage

Church members Ron and Sue Lee have been out again, and Pam Brownsett took her husband Jim out for a holiday… Continue reading…