Church Rebooted

God Has A Plan For Us

Martin Tibbert  |  19 Sep 2021

This week, Martin Tibbert shares a new talk for our Church Rebooted series titled "God Has a Plan For Us".

If you missed any of the talks from the "Church Rebooted" series then you can catch up via our podcast, and we highly recommend that you do!

God has been speaking to us about a reboot; some of which is already beginning to happen. In this series Martin unpacked how a fresh look at Ephesians 4 (v 7-16) gives a framework for this.

Church Rebooted Series

Many of us will be familiar with the term "reboot". As we gathered again, post UK lockdowns, we felt God leading us to re-evaluate and re-establish our priorities. This preaching series came out of a call of God that this was not a time to return or re-start as before, but rather to reboot Woodside Church.


We believe that a fresh look at Ephesians 4 (particularly verses 7-16) gives us a framework to un-pack this moment together. These verses are about the body of Christ; the church, being released in all that God has called her to be:

We are called to be:

  • Apostolic (sent) people.
  • Prophetic (Spirit filled) people.
  • Evangelistic (witnessing) people.
  • Pastor/Teaching (Caring and Discipling) people, growing together in unity and maturity.

There are many ways we want to unpack this together. But two major areas that affect us all are our small groups (called Community Groups) and our Sunday mornings. More details on how we can, together, implement this can be found in this preaching series.

We hope you find it helpful and look forward to seeing you soon.

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