The Lord's Prayer

The Lord's Prayer (Putnoe)

Debbie Tooth  |  24 Jul 2022

Debbie Tooth starts our newest sermon series "The Lord's Prayer".
This audio was recorded at our venue in Putnoe.

The Lord's Prayer Series

This series aims to breakdown and walk us through the different verses of The Lord's Prayer, finding the gold in each section. We will be looking at it from Matthew's account (Matthew 6).

Many of us have only heard this prayer read out in full, but if we slow down and meditate on it, we can find the treasure in every single verse! It'll help us to navigate the value and true meaning of the Lord's Prayer, but also understand more about who God is.

As this is our summer preaching series, we will be having a number of new people preaching on this and are really excited to hear from these fresh voices.

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