Fan the Flame

Unchained Witness

Enson Thomas  |  27 Sep 2020

Enson Thomas continues our sermon series Fan The Flame with a talk titled Unchained Witness.

Fan the Flame Series

Paul wrote a letter while in “lockdown” (prison), in isolation to Timothy who he could not see. Within this letter Paul encourages Timothy towards actions which will make him strong in the Lord, cause him to grow in his faith and be effective in ministry. He exhorted him to “fan into flames the spiritual gift God gave you.”

This series takes us through actions, mentioned in Paul's letter, which can arise from us doing the same. We cannot overstate the importance of being filled with, empowered by and reliant on the Holy Spirit and the gifts he imparts. God wants us strong in him, to grow in our faith and to be effective in serving him even with the current restrictions we face due to the global pandemic. Through preaching this series we want to encourage people to be stirred in these things (“fan the flame”) again.

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