Vision & Values

It has often been said that, like the natural world, healthy churches are growing churches. But the truth is that healthy things in the natural world don’t just keep on growing but when healthy, they multiply! In other words, the best sign of a healthy church is that it is a multiplying church – multiplying disciples, ministries, leaders, meetings, sites and multiplying churches.

Alongside this principle God has clearly spoken and called Woodside to be a multiplying church. We began this current season of multiplication in 2012 when we launched our 2nd morning meeting. We are now launched our 3rd meeting on a new site in the west of Bedford town in January 2019.

Going forward…

Rushden and Wellingborough. We are exploring how we might multiply into the Rushden and Wellingborough area.

The Nations. Longer term, we believe God has called us to raise-up leaders and plant new churches into the nations.

Every time we multiply we want to be sure to reproduce the type of church God has called us to be. The following four statements summarise who we believe God’s wants us to be (our plumb-line) – we often refer to these as the Woodside DNA:


  • A family full of grace and truth
  • Called to serve and reflect our community
  • Knowing the word and power of the Spirit
  • Seeking to equip and release everyone in order to bring glory to Jesus

Statement of Belief

If you’d like to see a “statement of belief” to which we subscribe, have a look at the Evangelical Alliance website.